College of Professions building

Form and function

Technology and modern spaces meet in the College of Health Professions building, making collaboration across disciplines easier than ever.

By Elinor Frisa

On any given day you might find students playing with children’s toys. Another student is setting the timer on an oven. Still others are feeling the stress of an urgent situation that has come up in the operating room. And another is playing dodgeball with aliens as part of a virtual reality game.

It’s all happening in the College of Health Professions building, open since spring 2019. Bringing the college’s nine departments under one roof for the first time, the 154,000-square-foot building — with its spacious classrooms, high-tech labs and innovative technologies — allows students to learn and collaborate across disciplines in new ways.

“This building, which is gorgeous, is also incredibly functional,” said Susan Parish, Ph.D., dean of the college. “It allows us to train our students to work together and to collaborate so that they don’t just live in the silos of their disciplines.”

Students  interact and solve problems together, just as they will in the hospitals and other health care facilities where they will spend their careers.

Here’s a peek inside the building’s first year of use and a look at some of the innovative, creative and collaborative learning that takes place every day.

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