Table of contents


Form and function

CHP building lives up to its hype as a space of learning and collaboration

Pivoting during the Pandemic

Faculty, staff and alumni respond to COVID-19


Letter from the deanRuminations on the state of the college and its stakeholders

NewsLatest initiatives, scholarships, awards and research endeavors

Alumni news and achievements:  Honors, accomplishments and noteworthy events

Philanthropy: The generous and humbling support we receive


Image this page, from left to right: Yonella Demars, assistant professor, VCU Department of Radiation Sciences; Katherine Hopper, nurse anesthetist, St. Mary’s Hospital, Richmond, Virginia (CRNA ’15/’16/NA); Allison Delaney, pediatric and women’s health chaplain, VCU Department of Patient Counseling; Patrick Brown, Department of Nurse Anesthesia (CRNA ’20)